Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trattoria Pallottino

Trattoria Pallottino
Firenze, Santa Croce
Via Isola delle Stinche

We wandered for a while through the streets of the Santa Croce quartiere, determined to find a cozy, affordable trattoria that was not swarming with tourists. Wedged at the intersection of multiple narrow alleys we came across this little family restaurant and saw that not only did it look warm inside, and the people look happy, but the prices were surprisingly below normal for tourist season. Score.

In the end, it was a casual yet satisfying meal. You can get better food in Florence, certainly, but this was good enough; plus, we were looking for something convenient in the first place, with the requirement that it be more satisfying than your average panino. Upon finishing our meal, we did not feel rushed to depart - you shouldn't be! The waiters were on top of things and obliging to answer any questions. This is a good stop for dinner if you're looking for something intimate, casual, and affordable outside of the tourist scene while still being in the city center.