Friday, July 27, 2012

La Veranda, Villa d'Este

La Veranda Ristorante
Villa D'Este
Cernobbio, Lago di Como

I kid you not, this place exists, but if you really want a taste of it you have to make an effort to get here. Sooo worth it. I spent the afternoon here. Looking back on it now, 'twas like a sweet dream; I didn't want it to end. And, oh, the food!

Monkfish Medallions

Spectacular, and cutting edge. Lago di Como- style, drizzled in hot, melted sage butter,
and adorned with cherry tomato concoctions, served on a crisp, eggplant tart

Never have I had such well-prepared monkfish, and with this choice of ingredients to pair. In my experience, chefs tend to overcook this fish or undercook it; they often also fail to pair it with a seasoning, sauce, or food that complements it well. Chef Micheli cooked this to perfection. Bravo! My fish was tender, juicy, and flavorful. The butter and sage seem simple complements, but they are powerful enough on their own to season and dress the fish, and they allow you to celebrate it rather than lead you to be distracted or overruled by the other ingredients instead of the savory, tender main course. 

Also noteworthy are the baked cherry tomatoes and the eggplant tart - total comfort foods. The mashed eggplant against the crisp tart shell beneath the monkfish made for an interesting juxtaposition of textures that I enjoyed. Also, the eggplant absorbed a bit of the sage butter. Mm.

For the proper wine pairing, I inquired with the sommelier. He suggested a regional white wine varietal from Treviso, the Veneto. The flavors and body were light and similar to a sauvignon-grigio with just a hint of frizzante. This wine was lovely. Though I didn't capture the name of it on paper, it's inscribed on my palette. I certainly remember the body and flavor.

Biscuits, florentine crisps, miele (honey) bars, white chocolate cup, you name it.

I do suggest you try one of the dessert. Today, my stomach just didn't have the space for more! Nevertheless, the Terrace Restaurant presents each guest table with a platter of miniature, delectable sweets. Don't be fooled by the size of these bites; each one is quite rich - delicious, though!

Bon appetito! 


Anonymous said...

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Hungrybella said...

Thank you! Yeah, Villa d'Este is the cream of the crop here in Como. Hope you might experience this place soon. Cheers. :-)

labwalker80 said...

This place looks like something right out of a dream!

ilmatte said...

wow, it looks like you found some good places to eat in, here in italy!